Update Log

The site was updated on:

27/03/2012 - with scans of “Parry Thomas” DJ List and Bears “On Me” Sticker

29/03/2012 - New page added for “Time to Get Tough” to hold details and scanned image of cassette cover supplied by Huw Sperryn (Thanks Huw!). Also linked “Happy Birthday Sweet 16” Video and sound files on advice from Huw.

01/04/2012 - Details of Jon Savage FAME LP added to Nigel Simpkins page. Links to Clive Pigs website added to each page of Clives releases

29/07/2012 - Page for The Bears Insane Tigerbeat added with scan of white label version supplied by David Gomm

11/11/2012 - Bears stickers added to On Me page - supplied by Ron West and Kev Shepherd

17/02/2013 - Press Cuttings page -  Press release info for Clive Pig album supplied by Dave Witchard. Newspaper article about Phil Smee from 1990 also added

26/06/2015 - Waldos badges added to Home Page (Thanks to Ron West for these). New flyer and invite to Waldos Package added to poster section (Thanks to Cally for these!)