Insane LP

The Bears - Insane LP (Tigerbeat Records)

Side A  - 1 Motoron
                2 Whacky Scout
                3 Outasight
                4 Frank Nitty
                5 On The Beach
                6 Beer and Drugs
                7 On Me

Side B -1 Fun,Fun,Fun
               2 Wot’s Up Mate?
               3 Iinnssaannee
               4 Motoronandon
               5 On Me (studio version)

Catalogue Number:  Growl 001
Format:  LP
Released: 1988
Recorded: Waldos Jazz Club

Band Line Up:
John Entrails: Vocals
George Gill: Guitar
Ron West: Bass
Chris Kershaw: Sax
Cally Cameron: Drums

The album contains their full live set recorded in 1977 as a ‘warm up’ in the studio before recording their debut 45 ‘On Me’ (which is included as a bonus track). The album also includes the track  ‘Insane’ which two members recorded later as a single for the Good Vibrations label.


with thanks to David Gomm for the scans of the White label LP