Clive Pig & The Hopeful Chinamen - Sailor With A Telescope

Side 1
    1. Intro: Desperate Living
    2. Still Stupid Situations
    3. The Master
    4. See That Boy
    5. My Room In a House With No Roof
    6. Furious Table
    7. Go Victor! Go!
    8. The Earth Movers
    9. Waldos Commercial

Side 2
    1. Little Baby Born
    2. Shadows Dancing on the Walls
    3. The King & The Queen
    4. How Can I Remember You
    5. Song of a Danish Sailor
    6. Stuck In Her Modern World
    7. Tin Tins Playing the Bass Guitar
    8. New Land
    9. What Goes On
Catalogue Number: TS013
Format:  cassette tape
Released: 1981
Recorded: Side 1 at Alvic Studios, London
                    Side 2 Tracks 1-4 at Waldos Jazz Club November 1979
                    Side 2 Tracks 5-8 at Waldos Jazz Club November 1981

Band Line Up:
Clive Piggott: Vocals, Bass, Guitar
Nic Haeffner: Guitar, Vocals, Arrangements
Gary Hawkins: Drums
Paul Jolly: Sax (Side 1 Tracks 4 and 7)
Pete Ridley: Guitar (Side 2 Tracks 1-4)
John Walpole: Bass (Side 2 Tracks 1-4)
Clive Goldsmith: Piano (Side 2 Tracks 1-4)

A number of the tracks on this tape surfaced on the US only LP “Clive Pig & The Hopeful Chinamen” on Hopewell Records in 1983