Bongo Joe & The Experience - Sympathy For The Devil

Side 1  - “Sympathy For The Devil”
                 “What the Devil”
Side 2 -  ”Sympathy For The Devil (Long Version)”

Catalogue Number: PS012
Format:  Cassette
Sleeve - Two different sleeves - 100 of standard issue black on buff card and 10 Promo copies black on white with band picture (hand coloured)
Released: 1981
Recorded: Alvic Studios
Engineer: Mike Gregovich

Waldos ScansBongoJoeCass1smallxx

Band line up:
Nic Egan - Vocals
Nic Haeffner - Guitar
Gary Hawkins - Drums
Pete Ridley - Bass, Piano, Sax
Mark Adams - Boy Voice
Siobahn Fahey - Girl Voice
Pete Barrett - Other Voices
Phil Smee - Additional Sounds


A complete remake of the Rolling Stones classic tune. The track includes samples years ahead of other acts using them in this way. Features one third of the soon-to-be famous Bananarama on backing vox..

Standard issue cassette


Promo cassette