Time to Get Tough

Clive Pig - Time To Get Tough

Solo tape sold at gigs, approx 100 made

Side 1:
     1. Various Friends for Various Times
     2. Him + Her + The Baby
     3. The First Jump of Love
     4. I Must Be MaD
     5. My Last Song in This Hell Hole
     6. The Outsider

Side 2:
     1. Time to Get TOUGH With Myself
     2. A Man + Two Women
     3. Say Something Simple She Said
     4. At The Church Outside The Village
     5. And The World is So.....
Catalogue Number: TGT018
Format:  cassette tape
Released: 1983
Recorded: Demo Studios, St Albans

Band Line Up:
Clive Piggott: Vocals, Acoustic Guitar
Nic Haeffner: Electric & Acoustic Guitars
Gary Hawkins: Percussion
Mike Adcock: Piano Accordian
Rosalyn Masselin: Vocals


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